By M&M Turf Supply Co.


1. Can I buy a tail extension from you already made? We do not   make tail extensions but we supply several companies horsehair that make great tails for all breeds and many different styles of extensions. We would be glad to give you their information so you may contact these tail makers.

2. What is the difference from Blunt Cut and Natural Tapered hair? Blunt cut also called Double-Drawn is where the hair is all the same length on both ends. Natural Tapered or Single Drawn has one end coming to a point.

3. How do I know what length of hair to buy when making a tail extension? For any of the cap style extensions (Tie-In, Slide-On or Loop-On) These styles tend to attach at the bottom of the tail bone. So you would want to measure from the bottom of the tail bone down to the fetlock or pastern area.

4. How do I take care of the hair? The hair is 100% horsehair and taking care of the hair properly will increase it's life span. We would suggest you wash and condition your horsehair with the same products as you wash your horses tail in. Applying conditioner and or detangler is very important to keep the hair from drying and breaking.

5. Can I buy more or less then 1lb of hair? You can buy as little as a 1/2lb of hair or as many 1/2 or 1 lb bundles as you would like.

6. Can I cut my horses tail off and sell you the hair? No, Sorry we DO NOT buy horsehair from unauthorized suppliers

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